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In the heart of Los Angeles, an exquisite affair is set to unfold on February 27, 2024 – La Paulée, renowned as “the world’s classiest BYOB party”–where connoisseurs and enthusiasts gather to celebrate the great wines from Burgundy. This year, Vinarmour is proud to collaborate with La Paulée, who will be honoring their VIP ticket holders with our customized, single-bottle Wine Carriers, recognized by many as the epitome of elegance in BYOB.

La Paulée has carved its niche as perhaps the most coveted wine event in the world,  transcending the ordinary wine gatherings with its multi-day itinerary of seminars, tastings and dinners centered around Burgundian wines, culture and epicureanism.  The festival has rather humble origins. In the Middle Ages every domaine would have a paulée, or a gathering to celebrate the end of the grape harvest.  Over the years it evolved, and in 1923, Jules Lafon, then mayor of Meursault, put a twist on things by inviting winemakers from the surrounding environs to his chateau in Meursault and bring their best wines..  Shortly thereafter, his event became one part of Les Trois Glorieuses (three glorious days),  joining an already established dinner at Clos de Vougeot and alongside a day that had a charity auction for the nearby Hospices de Beaune.   The event crossed the Atlantic in 2000 when Daniel Johnnes wanted to pay homage by bringing the spirit to the American people.  Since then La Paulée has grown into a grand gala attended  growers and producers from all over Burgundy,  along with wine connoisseurs, collectors, and Burgundophiles from all over the world.  It is a privilege to attend and reservations are mostly made a year in advance.  The festival  celebrates Burgundy’s rich heritage, showcasing the finest wines, cuisine, and celebrated producers, with one-of-a-kind tastings, seminars, lavish dinners, and collaborations with Los Angeles’ top chefs.  Collectors don’t want to miss the Acker Wine Auction, featuring many rare and fine wines.  The festival’s pursuit of excellence mirrors Vinarmour’s commitment to craftsmanship and refinement in its realm of wine accessories. Both La Paulée and Vinarmour share an unwavering dedication to curating experiences that go beyond the commonplace, offering a blend of tradition and innovation.

At the heart of this collaboration lies a mutual understanding of the importance of presentation and the impact it has on the overall experience. La Paulée has long been revered for its emphasis on bringing together wine aficionados in a setting that exudes sophisticated camaraderie. In parallel, Vinarmour’s Wine Carriers are arduously crafted to not only protect the valuable contents within, but also to serve as a symbol of refined taste and style. Much like La Paulée, our carriers are synonymous with elegance and finesse, recognized by enthusiasts around the globe as the classiest wine carriers available, and it is natural that La Paulée has chosen Vinarmour’s Wine Carriers as a VIP amenity for those that purchased their top-tier “Methuselah Package“.  This package includes 5 lavish and unforgettable dinners at Spago, Kato, Bicyclette, and Marino, culminating at the Fairmont Miramar with a gala dinner featuring notable chefs Daniel Boulud, Walter Manzke, Michael Cimarusti, Josiah Citrin, and Dave Beran. Also included is the Grand Tasting, featuring world-renowned Burgundies from the acclaimed 2021 vintage accompanied with food from some of Los Angeles’s most noteworthy restaurants Camphor, Juliet, FIG, Cassia, and Navarro’s Wine, as well as fine purveyors Haute Caviar, Poilâne, Taylor Shellfish, Andante Dairy, Acqua Panna, S. Pellegrino, and La Colombe. As VIP ticket holders unwrap their Vinarmour Wine Carriers at La Paulée, they will discover more than a beautifully crafted accessory – they will unveil a shared philosophy of indulging in life’s finer pleasures. The carriers, with their sleek design and premium materials, reflect the commitment both brands have to excellence.The synergy between these two brands is not just a collaboration; it’s an integration of style and functionality.

What sets La Paulée apart from other wine festivals is its commitment to creating an atmosphere where patrons can bring their own bottles and share in the joy of exceptional wines. This characteristic has it recognized around the world as the greatest BYOB party on the planet.  Here at Vinarmour, we pride ourselves in being instrumental in redefining BYOB by developing a line of wine carriers that bring quality, heritage, and finesse into the experience of bringing a bottle, and an affiliation with La Paulée brings even more credibility to the renewed BYOB movement.

The collaboration between Vinarmour and La Paulée is a marriage of elegance and luxury. As the world’s classiest BYOB event embraces our classiest wine carriers, it symbolizes a union that goes beyond the surface – a shared dedication to creating moments of unparalleled refinement and enjoyment. La Paulée has chosen Vinarmour, recognizing that our Wine Carriers are not just vessels for bottles but ambassadors of sophistication, making this collaboration a toast to the epitome of class in the world of wine. Cheers to an event that transcends expectations, where every detail, down to the choice of wine carrier, is an embodiment of refined taste.  The VIP’s in Los Angeles will be part of an experience that they will cherish for a lifetime.  In addition, they will also be receiving the Vinarmour Wine Carrier, which will allow them to carry and travel with wine–for a lifetime.