“When a friend sauntered in with one, I thought, ‘Damn, nice wine tote!”

Ray Isle

Executive Editor, FOOD AND WINE Magazine

The Vinarmour is one of the best constructed, designed, and useful inventions I have used in the wine trade, full stop.  I use it personally and professionally, in fact I am using it to transport a priceless wine across california as I write this for the next film I am directing. So glad the Vinarmour exists.

Jason Wise

Director, the SOMM Series. Creator, SOMM TV

My “must have” travel companion.

Shaun D., Seattle, WA

Wine Enthusiast and Collector

I am always bringing my wine to restaurants, and there isn’t any other wine tote or carrier with a better quality build available on the market. Period. Best materials, looks excellent, and keeps whites/burgundies quite cold. I’ll be getting a few more for Christmas presents.

Brian R., Napa, CA

Wine Collector

This is not just a wine bag, it is a statement piece. Its combination of sexy style, ease of use, and quality materials make this a must have for all my travels to wine country.

Amber C., Marysville, WA

Entrepreneur and Travel Enthusiast

After having a few disastrous luggage bottle breaks, I finally found the solution:  the Vinarmour.  Never again will a special bottle break on the journey home!  The sleek design makes you want to incorporate it into your wardrobe.  It’s my new wine fanny pack.

Matthew Kaner

2013 Food and Wine Magazine Sommelier of the Year; Host and Producer SOMMTV network; President, Will Travel For Wine Inc.

I bought Vinarmour because their puncture resistant wine bag is the first of its kind and recommended by Advanced Mixology, North America’s leading blog on Alcoholic Beverages, Bartending, Mixology, Food and Dining, and Lifestyle”

Erlinda Alexandra Doherty

Sommelier, Wine Educator

“Having once had a poorly packed wine bottle break in my checked-in air luggage and destroy my clothes, I love the degree of comfort, certainty–and impenetrability!–that Vinarmour provides. NO bottle will ever break again in my suitcase!”

– Jim W., Napa Valley, CA


I genuinely love the Vinarmour bag…really cool…durable and stylish, very amazing work. I see gifting one to my friend for their wedding!

Diana B.

Outdoor Adventure Photographer

My cellar only travels in Vinarmour.

Kate M.

Attorney, Past Golf Club President

Vinarmour eliminates all of my worries of traveling with my favorite wines. It’s so nice to be able to count on Vinarmour, even during the most extreme travels. Thanks!

Bill M., Seattle, WA

Former Telecommunication Company President & CEO

“The Vinarmour Carrier is a well thought out combination of high tech materials combined with classic aesthetics. The durability and waterproofing make the bag a unique hybrid of function and fashion.”

– Joshua B., Seattle, WA

Industrial Design Specialist

Vinarmour is essential for traveling globally or locally with any bottle of wine. No need to worry about breaking your prized bottle as you move around.

Thomas C., Beverly Hills, CA

Entertainment Executive, Winery Investor and Collector

The Vinarmour Carrier gives me peace of mind. I’m not only confident that my favorite bottle of wine is going to arrive safely–that I’m so looking forward to sharing with my friends–but the clothes that I’m going to wear that evening will also arrive undamaged!

Peter, Carlsbad, CA

Wine Industry Executive