Leather Matters

By: Brian Hart

Updated 2/21/24

All leather is not created equal, nor are the people who work with it. That's why we curated only the best for our Wine Carrier.

Leather Matters

We all know it when we see it. Cheap leather. Poor leather making. When we set out to make the most durable and protective carrier for wine bottle travel we not only had to find the best leather, but also a leather craftsman who would not compromise on quality.

Tannāre Leather — Quality Custom Leatherwork

Just because you start with an amazing piece of leather doesn’t mean that it will end up as an exceptional final product. I will never let a relative of mine cook a wagyu steak that I purchase, because I know that the end result will be a letdown. Similarly, a good hide in the hands of an average leather worker will lead to an average product. Francisco Figueroa is not your average leather maker. He is a 3rd generation leather craftsman, and grew up in a family that was known to make some of the best horse saddles in the world. He and his wife Cindy Jennings founded and operate TANNĀRE Custom Leatherwork in San Antonio, Texas. With a focus on old world craftsmanship, Francisco has caught the attention of rock stars wanting custom guitar straps to major league sports teams.

When I visited Francisco and Cindy at their factory it was clear that we made the right choice in choosing a leather maker. As his specialty is custom products, he does not have an “assembly plant” operation. Each item is worked on individually on large wooden tables, and he only has one machine per purpose. Throughout his space he has all kinds of antiques, many of them associated with the leather making industry, and it is quite apparent that he has a fondness and admiration for items that stand the test of time.

The combination of a leather from Horween and the leather crafting skills of Francisco at Tannare has allowed us to produce not only the finest wine travel bag on the market, but unquestionably the most durable and rugged as well. If you already own a Vinarmour Wine Carrier, you may expect with it what one would normally expect with a quality-leather good made by an experienced leather craftsman–years and years of use and utility, developing a beautiful patina along the way.