Product Launch Update

By: Brian Hart

Designing the world’s first puncture-resistant bag for travel was not easy. Managing the supply chain with dozens of different subcontractors and materials suppliers in the midst of a pandemic has been even harder. At the end of June we were informed that the resin that our leakproof gasket was made of was no longer available due to lockdowns stopping production. ALL of our other components were finished, all waiting for assembly, but the absence of this small piece brought everything to a halt. We had to go back with our engineering team to find another material, test it, make sure it integrated with the rest of the bag, prototype it, test it again, etc… Once we have this in our hands it will be pedal to the metal to bring the world’s finest wine bag for travel to the public.

We hope that we will have this gasket issue settled by the end of Sept 2021, and then be on to assembly. We have all hands on deck expediting this process and are confident that we will be launching well before the end of 2021.