The Most Trustworthy Wine Bag for Travel is Almost Here…

By: Brian Hart

After years of designing, developing, and prototyping, we are finally in production and will be introducing the Vinarmour wine carrier to the world in late 2021.

Our original intention was simply to offer wine and spirit enthusiasts a lightweight, flexible bottle bag for travel, cable of withstanding heavy impact AND be resistant to glass puncture and leakage, thus allowing for entirely worry-free travel. As we developed this technology our team decided to take it to the next level with looks and esthetics, and we surrounded the bag with a high-quality exterior, allowing one to carry bottles anywhere—from a picnic to an elegant restaurant.

It's not just a wine bag. It's a Wine Carrier.

In short, we have redefined the way to travel with wine. Dependable and fashionable.

We are currently in production and expect to be finished and ready to launch the Vinarmour Wine Carrier in the fall of 2021. Get ready to travel!