Featured Vinarmour Retailer: Basking in Sun Valley with Independent Goods

By: Steve Hart

Every now and then you visit a store so unique that it is forever etched into the memory of your travels. Independent Goods in Ketchum Idaho is one of those stores....

To be sold in this store,
every product must have
a story to tell.

In 2013 Mark and Susie Nievens left the security the well-paying tech industry of Seattle looking for more of a connection in their lives.  They found it in their personal lives in Sun Valley Idaho, and they established in their business lives with the creation of Independent Goods.  Their store in the heart of Ketchum Idaho is founded on their love for a great story, and those moments when a connection is found when you least expect it.  They seek out handcrafted goods primarily from Idaho and the Pacific Northwest from independent makers offering quality products that have a story behind it.  Often times the makers of these products, like Mark and Susie, left everything behind to pursue their passion and the result of which is their product.  Others, the makers of the products come from a lineage and heritage within the producer’s  family.  Each item in their store has a card with the item, telling that story.  The result of which is an unforgettable shopping experience that leaves the buyer, Mark and Susie, and the manufacturer of the product with a sense of connection.  This place was made for Vinarmour.