Featured Vinarmour Retailer: The iconic Oakville Grocery and Wine Merchant in Napa Valley.

By: Steve Hart

The oldest continually operating grocery store in California is a destination for wine tourists from all over the world, and was appropriately the first retailer to ever offer Vinarmour products to the public.

A wine-country gathering place since 1881, the Oakville Grocery lies in the heart of Napa Valley, surrounded by some of the most notable wineries and restaurants in the world and considered a must stopover for any wine enthusiast making a pilgrimage to Napa.  It features a wide selection of Napa and Sonoma county wines, local artisan meats and cheeses, a Deli  that makes world-class picnic fixings, an espresso bar with freshly baked goods, and a wide offering of olive oils, chocolates, spices and other epicurean essentials.

In 2019 Jean-Charles Boisset brought his Midas touch to the Grocery when he purchased the property and transformed the adjacent Durrant and Booth house into an interactive wine museum, featuring À la carte pours of Napa Valley wines. Don’t simply plan to just “stop by” the Oakville grocery–it is well worth it to spend an hour or two there.  Treat yourself to a fabulous deli sandwich on one of the courtyard tables while tasting your way around the Valley with some of the museum’s many tasting choices. And oh, if by chance you haven’t purchased a Vinarmour Wine Carrier yet, you cannot miss them here–they happen to be in the middle of the most famous wine-country grocery in the world.